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Emergency Management / WEMA

The Western Emergency Management Association is comprised of seven municipalities including the Borough of Newburg, the Borough of Newville, Upper Mifflin Township, Lower Mifflin Township, Lower Frankford Township, West Pennsboro Township and North Newton Township.  The association was initially formed to provide mutual aid assistance among the Local Emergency Coordinators (LEMC’s) of the seven participating municipalities. The close working relationship between the coordinators blossomed, and the association soon purchased an emergency response vehicle, and later a transport van.

The officers of the association include Dennis J. Powell., President, Robert L. Barrick, Jr, Vice President, Ed Chamberlin, Secretary and James Burkholder, Treasurer. The organization will meet on a quarterly basis during 2018.

The Local Coordinators participating in the Western Emergency Management Association include:

  • LEMC 10 James Burkholder Lower Frankford Twp.
  • LEMC 11 Ritchie Price Lower Mifflin Twp.
  • LEMC 16 Ed Chamberlin, Newburg Borough
  • LEMC 18 Robert L. Barrick, Jr. Newville Borough
  • LEMC 20 Larry Hinkle, North Newton Twp.
  • LEMC 31 Robert Shively Upper Mifflin Twp.
  • LEMC 33 Wayne Myers, West Pennsboro Twp.

The association operates two vehicles. The present WEMA vehicle is a 1981 Ford F700 chassis with a Hackney beverage body mounted on a step down frame. The Cumberland County Unit designation for this vehicle is EMA 21-20. A second vehicle, a 1993 Ford Aerostar Van is used primarily to transport personnel and equipment to and from emergency scenes.

WEMA Truck

The Western Emergency Management Association has benefited from several DCED grants sponsored by the former state representative Will Gabig and Senator Pat Vance, including a grant from Adams Electric Cooperative. The Excelon Corporation recently provided a grant to fund the purchase of evacuation route signs. The Western Emergency Management Association operates on annual membership dues of $200 per participating municipality and various fund raising activities throughout the year.

WEMA Truck

The Western Emergency Management Association wishes to acknowledge the fine support received from Eric Hoerner, Operations Chief, Cumberland County Office of Emergency Preparedness, Richard M. Griffie former LEMC for Newville Borough and William Alwood, former LEMC for Upper Mifflin Township. Mr. Alwood remains a loyal and active supporter of WEMA.

The members of the Western Emergency Management Association are most appreciative of the support provided by the North Newton Township Board of Supervisors who have provided a garage space for EMA Unit 21-20.

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Office Phone

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    Robert H. Shively Jr., President: 717 226 1010

    Dennis J. Powell, VP and Chief of Operations: 717 729 2003