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The Newville Borough Water and Sewer Authority Plant is located on Cove Avenue next to the Newville Borough Public Works Department.

The new water plant was in operating service January 1996, and the new sewer plant has been operational since June 2009.

The NWSA serves the residents of the Borough of Newville and portions of North Newton, West Pennsboro, and Penn Townships. The wastewater system has a design capacity is 600,000 gallons per day. It includes four pump stations, approximately 29 miles of sanitary sewer line, has laboratory services provided by CRWPCF (Borough of Carlisle) and Micro-bac Laboratories and Analytical Services, Inc. The NWSA has two emergency plans in effect, Emergency Operations Plan, and Drought Contingency and Rationing Plan.

Timothy Zeigler serves as the Chief Plant Operator, and Joseph Lehman serves as the Assistant Plant Operator, Joseph Smith serves as Operator 3 and Plants Technician, Edmund Strohm serves as Operator 3.
Facts about the water and sewer plant are as follows; water consumption, 82,240,000 gallons per year, 222,275 average gallon per day, 151,049 average gallon minimum usage per day, and 291,010 average gallon maximum usage per day.  The water source is the Cool Spring, classified by the PA DEP as groundwater, under surface water influence. The NWSA is permitted by the PA DEP to draw up to 350,000 gallons per day of water from the Cool Spring. The water storage capacity for the NWSA is supplied by a clear well, Cool Spring WTP, 100,000 gallons, and two water tanks, one located at the Big Spring High School in the amount of 50,000 gallons, and the other located at Green Ridge Village in the amount of 250,000 gallons. It serves 794 residential customers, 59 commercial, 3 industrial, and 36 institutional customers for a total of 892 customers served.

2019 Newville Water and Sewer Authority Members

Roger Hoover, Chairman
William Barnhart, Vice Chairman
William Boldosser, Secretary/Treasurer
Clarence Fry, II, Assistant Secretary/Treasurer
Russell L. Gould, Member
Zachary M.  Rice, Esquire, Authority Solicitor, Salzmann Hughes, PC
William F. Hill, P.E. Authority Engineer, William F. Hill and Associates

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Tim Zeigler

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