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The Pennsylvania Little League Championship Tournament which was held from July 25th through August 1st resulted in thousands of visitors to the Borough of Newville. Congratulations to the officers and directors of the Newville Little League Inc., President Rick Griffie and their tournament director Bud Knouse for hosting a very successful event. Working behind the scenes each day of the tournament was a dedicated staff of local first responders including members of the Newville Borough Police Department under the direction of newly appointed Police Chief Todd Koser, the Friendship Hose Company No. 1, Inc. under the direction of Fire Chief Joel Griffie, the Newville EMS under the direction of EMS Chief Darci Newcomer, Newville Emergency Management under the direction of LEMC Robert Shively, Jr,  Newville Public Works directed by David Handshew, and the Newville Auxiliary Police under the direction of Captain Donald Kail. Special thanks to the dedicated volunteers who helped crew the ambulance and provided standby with the fire apparatus. A very special thanks to the Cumberland County Board of Commissioners, Public Safety Director Robert Shively, Jr. and the DPS staff who manned the Cumberland County Mobile Command Post which was dispatched to Newville Borough throughout the event. Thanks also to DPS Information Specialist Megan Silverstrim for her regular tournament updates on Facebook and Twitter. Special thanks to Cumberland County Sheriff Ron Anderson and his Deputies who provided assistance on the final day of the tournament. Thank you to the Franklin County Board of Commissioners and the Franklin County Emergency Management Agency for the loan of rehab equipment. And last, but not least, thanks to Deputy Fire Chief Bradley Stouffer for taking the initiative to develop an emergency response plan for this special event.  A sincere thank you to all emergency service personnel is extended on behalf of Mayor William Toth, and the Newville Borough Council.