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      Beginning in January of 2014 the Newville Borough Water and Sewer Authority will

begin to inspect residential and commercial dwellings within its sanitary sewer collection

system to check for improper connections.  Improper connections may include the discharge of

storm water into the sanitary sewer system by means of a sump pump, a basement floor drain

or rain spouting. It is the goal of the Authority to reduce rain water infiltration into the sanitary

sewer system.

Improper connections result in additional cost to the Authority in terms of electricity,

chemicals and man hours. The additional flows cause unnecessary wear and tear on existing

pumps, blowers and other treatment equipment.

If an improper connection is detected, the property owner will be issued an

enforcement notice and will be required to correct the violation within thirty (30) days.

According to Chief Plants Operator Joseph Lehman, the Newville Wastewater Treatment

Plant treated 78,964,000 gallon of wastewater in 2013. Average daily sanitary sewer

flow is 215,748 gallon. Following a rain event of two or more inches, daily

sewer flows often increase to 500,000 or more gallon per day.

The Newville Borough Water and Sewer Authority serves customers within the Borough

of Newville and townships of West Pennsboro, North Newton and Penn.