Newville Borough


2011-08 Honoring Sally Smith

A RESOLUTION OF THE NEWVILLE BOROUGH COUNCIL, CUMBERLAND COUNTY, PENNSYLVANIA HONORING SALLY SMITH FOR FAITHFUL AND DEDICATED SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY UPON HER RETIREMENT AS LIBRARIAN TO THE JOHN GRAHAM LIBRARY. WHEREAS, Sally Smith has been employed as the Librarian at the John Graham Library since March of 1984; and WHEREAS, Sally Smith as Librarian to the John Graham Library has been responsible for the implementation of many improvements at the Library which include the purchase of the first computer system to catalog all books within the Library; the implementation of a microfiche project to store local newspapers; the purchase of additional computers for use by Library patrons; the development of a reading program for children of the community, including a summer reading program; the addition of a new C. Freemont Graham Picture Book Room; the renovation of the circulation area; and WHEREAS, Sally Smith was instrumental in helping to organize “The Friends of Library”, volunteer organization to assist with fundraising and other programs to enhance the quality of services provided by the John Graham Library; and WHEREAS, Sally Smith has been an exemplary public servant who has worked tirelessly to improve the quality of life for residents of the Borough of Newville and surrounding communities. NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, and it is hereby adopted by the Mayor and members of the Newville Borough Council that Sally Smith is commended and congratulated for her 27 years of faithful and dedicated service to the Borough of Newville. It is further Resolved that Friday, September 30, 2011 shall be designated as: LIBRARIAN SALLY SMITH DAY