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Code Enforcement

The Borough of Newville has adopted, revised and updated ordinances since its inception, with a goal of keeping our town safe, clean and beautiful.

William Foley, Codes Enforcement Officer



According to 1933 Act 69, Section 1601:  Ordinances.--(a)  The Borough Council may adopt ordinances in which general or specific powers of the Borough may be exercised, and, by the enactment of subsequent ordinances, the Borough Council may amend, repeal or revise existing ordinances. All proposed ordinances, whether original, amended, repealed, revised, consolidated or codified, shall be published not more than sixty days nor less than seven days before passage at least once in one newspaper circulating generally in the township. Public notices shall include either the full text or a brief summary of the proposed ordinance which lists the provisions in reasonable detail and a reference to a place within the township where copies of the proposed ordinance may be examined. ((a) amended Jan. 22, 2014, P.L.2, No.2)


Please see our Ordinances and Resolutions section for commonly requested Ordinances and Resolutions. Other Ordinances available upon request at the Newville Borough Office.