Parking Spaces Available to Community Members with Medical Hardships

The below article was written by Andy Milone of the Newville Valley Times Star. For further questions, contact the Borough Office.

Newville Residents Can Now Apply for Temporary Medical Hardship Parking 

Newville Borough Council has established an application process in which residents can be given access to parking spaces during times of temporary disability.

Council unanimously approved a resolution last Tuesday to allow for residents to reserve borough parking spaces for an initial 30 days. This temporary approval could be approved for up to 90 days, depending on the medical condition of the applicant. 

As part of the application, a resident must have a statement of the medical hardship from a certified physician. Council members will then review the application, and approve the request at a public meeting, according to the resolution. 

“This is one of the issues that came up at previous meetings about folks who are temporarily recovering from either an accident or surgery, and it would be helpful if they had parking on the street that was closer to the main entrance of their home,” said Solicitor Marcus McKnight.

According to the resolution, Newville police will place a temporary reserved parking sign at the location of the public parking space, and it will be removed at the end of the allotted time frame. 

The board discussed one application from a resident who has surgery with an estimated recovery time of six months, and came to a consensus that a resident could file another application if issues continued to warrant temporary parking beyond 90 days. 

Disability is defined under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The application and approval is non-transferrable.

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