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Newville Police Department

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It is the mission of the Newville Police Department to protect the rights and property and provide a feeling of security and safety to all persons who come within our care and jurisdiction to the best of our ability and given resources.

Our department consists of a Police Chief, three full-time officers. The department provides coverage to the Borough of Newville which consists of an area of .43 square miles and approximately 1,500 residents. The police department additionally provides coverage to the areas of Green Ridge Village Retirement Community, Saylor's Market, and the Newville Fairgrounds. The department averages 3,000 calls for service yearly.



Todd Koser

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Matthew Keller

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Shawn Gutshall & K9 Lock

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Police Clerk

Vivian Brandt


Monthly Police Report

Please feel free to review our Monthly Police Report to see the work we are doing for our community.


Would you like to request a House Check?

Click here if you'd like to submit a request for a House Check while you are away from your home.  


The Newville Borough Police Department has moved its operations to 55 Manor Lane, Newville PA 17241. The department is currently not set-up for lobby access. (We have no direct access to exterior doors) Due to the on-going Covid pandemic and the nature of our location, we wish for all interested parties to reach us by telephone, when feasible. Our phone number remains the same at 717-776-5513. After calling, we will come to your location or give you directions on how to come to us. We do not desire to have the general public searching through the property of Green Ridge Village looking for our police department.

The department will work on helping the public to have direct access, but that will not be a quick process. Please use our webpage to find answers about ordinances and to find other resources.