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Newville Water and Sewer Authority

For Water & Sewer Emergencies During Normal Business Hours 
Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:30pm call 717-776-7633 

Outside of Normal Business Hours  (overnight, holidays and weekends)
call our 24/7 answering service at  877-249-1292

About NWSA

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Incorporated in 1957 as a general purpose municipal authority, the Newville Water and Sewer Authority presently provides water and sewer services to the Borough of Newville along with portions of neighboring West Pennsboro Township, North Newton Township and Penn Township. The Authority services all public school facilities within the Big Spring School District and the nearby Green Ridge Village, owned and operated by Presbyterian Homes Inc.

The Authority operates the Cool Spring Water Treatment Plant, Public Water Source Identification Number 7210041, and the Newville Wastewater Treatment Plant, NPDES Permit PA 0046221. The Cool Spring Water Treatment Plant is permitted to produce up to 500,000 gallons per day of public drinking water, while the Newville Wastewater Treatment Plant is capable of treating 600,000 gallons per day of wastewater.

The Authority’s client base includes 807 residential customers, 53 commercial customers, 34 institutional customers and 4 industrial customers. Average daily water production is 210,027 gallons. Average wastewater flow treated on a daily basis totals 247,795 gallons.  The Authority is capable of meeting the future growth needs of the Big Spring area.

Administration Staff

Authority Manager
Fred Potzer

Secretary & Treasurer
Deb Piper

Billing Clerk
Brooke Mansfield

Plant Staff

Chief Plants Operator
Tim Zeigler

Assistant Plants Operator
Lisa Berrell

Edmund Strohm

Ken Mansfield


Lucas Shenk

Board Members

The Authority is operated by a five-member board of directors appointed by the Newville Borough Council. 


Roger A. Hoover

North Newton Twp Rep

Vice Chairman

William A. Barnhart

Borough Rep.

Council Member

John Epley

West Pennsboro Twp Rep

Assistant Secretary / Treasurer

Clarence "Mike" Fry, II

Council Member

Michael Croutch

Newville Borough Rep

Authority Solicitor

Zachary M. Rice,
of Salzmann Hughes, P.C.

who has served the Authority continuously since 1996.

Authority Engineer

William F. Hill, P.E., Authority Engineer
of William F. Hill and Associates of Gettysburg.

Mr. Hill has served as the Authority Engineer since 1996.

wastewater treatment plant sign
NWSA service truck
treatment plant pipes
water and sewer authority sign